Lyrics I Love

Somewhere there is some place that one million eyes can’t see… And somewhere there is someone who can see what I can see (Simple Minds – Someone Somewhere)

“Now that you’re mine We’ll find a way of chasing the sun! Let me be the one, that shines with you… in the morning, We don’t know what to do” (Oasis – Slide Away)

“Feet on the ground, head in the sky. It’s ok, I know nothing’s wrong. Nothing” (Talking Heads – This must be the place)

“Show me how you do it and I promise you… I promise that I’ll run away with you” (The Cure – Just like Heaven)

“Cross my heart and look into the sea… Cross my arms and turn to me Turn to me instead of telling the truth… And now, now I can honor you” (Crystal Castles – Black Panther)

“Across the time and space a never-ending dance, a blooming and a trance. You make me feel my soul” (M83 – Reunion)

“Un mondo vecchio che sta insieme solo grazie a quelli che hanno ancora il coraggio di innamorarsi” (Lorenzo – Fango)

“This is the end… My only friend, the end. It hurts to set you free, but you’ll never follow me. The end of laughter and soft lies, the end of nights we tried to die. This is the end” (The Doors – The end)

“You’re a lover of the wild and a joker of the heart. But are you mine? I wanna make U happy, I wanna make feel alive! Let me make U happy” (The Kooks – Junk of the heart)

“And he who forgets, will be destined to remember – Nothingman, Isn’t it something? Nothingman…” (Pearl Jam – Nothingman)

“E come la vedi la vedi, ma è tutto in come la vedi” (Ligabue – Atto di fede)

“Più in alto di questo cielo, impossibile cadere giù… se distesi in un prato di stelle in uno sguardo c’è l’infinito… le parole non parlano più perchè adesso al posto del mondo ci sei tu” (Chiara Civello – Al posto del mondo)

“If you dance with me tonight We’ll fight the dying of the light and we’ll catch the sun” (Noel Gallagher – It makes me wanna cry)

“Never for money, Always for love” (Talking Heads – This must be the place)

“…e il cuore va ai duecento all’ora… Si perde per sempre qualcosa, quando ci si innamora” (Cesare Cremonini – Tante belle cose)

“True perfection has to be imperfect. I know that sounds foolish, but it’s true” (Oasis – Little by Little)

“Ho sete significa che sono vivo. Che importa se l’ultimo o il primo, il cuore vuol battere ancora” (Litfiba – Fata Morgana)

“Picture yourself on a train in a station with plasticine porters, with looking glass ties… Suddenly someone is there at the turnstile: the girl with kaleidoscope eyes” (The Beatles – Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)

“As soon as they come, the feelings they go…all alone, on a one way road” (Oasis – One Way Road)

“Wake up the dawn and ask her why.. A dreamer dreams she never dies.. Wipe that tear away now from your eyes” (Oasis – Champagne Supernova)

“In the end and then… all will be forgiven when surrender rises high and I gave what I came to give” (RHCP – Tear)

“Dove fermano i treni… parte un pò di vita da dove fermano i treni… e proprio là dove fermano i treni parte sempre un altro varietà, parte sempre un nuovo varietà” (Ligabue – Dove fermano i treni)

“If you never try, you’ll never know” (Coldplay – Fix You, White Shadows, Speed of sound…)

“And if you have a certain evening, You could lend to me. I’d give it all right back to you” (The Doors – Shaman’s blues)

“And the hardest part was letting go, not taking part” (Coldplay – The hardest part)

“Hey! Stay young and invincible! ‘Cos we know just what we are” (Oasis – Stay Young)

“E tutti quegli sbagli che, per un motivo o l’altro… so rifare” (Ligabue – Ho ancora la forza)

“Another sunny afternoon, walking to the sound of your favorite tune. Tomorrow never knows what it doesn’t know too soon” (Oasis – Morning Glory)

“If this is love Then I’m fucking proud of it” – (Crystal Castles – Black Panther)

“So che si può andare andare (oh sì) anche senza sapere dove e so… che si può volare (volare oh sì) anche senza sapere… anche senza sapere come!” (Litfiba – Si può)



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